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Does our beach education need to change?

January 2021.

Here’s our work being showcased on the evening news – I argue that rip current education needs to change, because what we currently have is simply not working.

If so, how do we change it?

Here are some follow up pieces featured on Radio New Zealand, where I explain a little more about our research.




78% of beachgoers unable to spot deadly rips

A worrying percentage of people are unable to spot the danger in front of them at the beach.

Increased erosion at Patiti Point, Timaru

Coverage of the public council forum where we outlined the University’s research into sediment movement and beach health around Timaru

Rip currents and Safeswim

Take a look at our efforts in build a predictive rip current prediction index here in New Zealand

Using video images to understand rip current risk

Coverage of our UK study, using video imagery to estimate rip current hazard

Rip currents and Safeswim

Take a look at this 10 minute interview with Kathryn Ryan on Radio NZ’s Nine to Noon Show.